Pinterest Turns To New Email Platform For Personalization

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Pinterest has a new email delivery service. It has tapped SparkPost Elite to consolidate the sending of engagement and transactional emails and improve personalization.

As SparkPost says, its platform streams real-time event data via webhooks for use in personalization and sending.

VentureBeat recently shared some words from Seth Weisfeld, who leads Pinterest’s notifications efforts:

“Email is an extension of the product. Pinterest itself is very personalized platform, so email needs to be, too...The vision we’ve talked about for years, a one-to-one marketing strategy that is natively multichannel, is actually achievable today. The quality of the technology to leverage big data and notifications is there...The vast majority of emails are personalized by individual; there’s no batch campaigning. There may still be a few legacy programs like that, but outside of product marketing all messages will be one-to-one, based on users’ interests, pins, and whatever else we think they may be interested in.

"SparkPost Elite provides us with the enterprise-class service we require," said Cole Rottweiler at Pinterest who led the evaluation of the platform. "We use A/B testing and SparkPost's streaming webhooks email metrics data to dynamically adjust our content and how we send emails based on live feedback. This improves engagement and lets us monitor the health of our email channel in real-time."

"Pinterest shares our vision for reducing the volumes of unwanted and unnecessary email in the world and making each email more relevant to the recipient," said SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick. "SparkPost Elite, our best-in-breed flagship solution, was designed for just such an API driven, real-time, dynamically generated email environment, making this partnership a win-win for all involved."

As we've seen time and time again, email continues to be an incredibly important part of the digital landscape with social media services - one thought by some to be potential email replacements - continuing to find new reasons to utilize the channel of communication.

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