Pinterest Wins Award for 2011 Startup of the Year

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Pinterest was launched in 2010, but that didn't stop the fine folks at TechCrunch from giving Pinterest their "Crunchie" award for "2011 Startup Of The Year". Why did Pinterest earn that recognition?

From TechCrunch:

"The reason? Crazy, crazy traffic and growth. In November, the site had reportedly seen a 2,000% increase in pageviews, according to comScore. That wasn’t year-over-year growth, mind you, but the increase Pinterest had seen since June. At 421 million pageviews, the site had already surpassed more established players, like Etsy, for example."

Another classic award-winner for Best New Something-or-Other was Shelby Lynne, who won a Best New Artist Grammy after 13 years and 6 albums. Go figure.

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