Pinterest Losing Facebook Connected Users

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It was reported last month that Pinterest has been losing a bit of steam as of late, and users, which some had attributed to mere growing pains for the fledgeling platform. New stats from AppData confirm this trend, which shows that Facebook-connected user base is down. Still, one must take into account that Pinterest can be accessed via Twitter and email as well, and the aforementioned growing pains are indicative that the site might plainly be losing its initial buzz from launch.

It would appear that Pinterest has lost about 500K daily active users connected via Facebook over the last few days. The monthly active users chart also indicates that the platform is of the type that some users check less frequently, as opposed to maybe Facebook or Twitter.

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On a positive note, if Pinterest is actually losing users on a massive scale, elite purists might see the site as being less mainstream and further afield, thus boosting its 'cred.' Unlikely. The social network presently has roughly 11.7 million users, and 104.4 unique visitors per month. Users spend an average of 405 minutes per month on the site, right on par with Facebook, so it would apear that those who check their pinboards infrequently also spend quite a while per session.

As with anything to do with the internet, only time will tell if Pinterest is able to maintain. A long while ago, there was little evidence that My_____ (or whatever Myspace is presently called), would become the content dump it is at present. Pinterest hasn't even really had time to begin to sink or swim yet.

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