Pinterest Infographics Reveal Marketing Potential

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The good folks at Modea, a branding and technology agency from Blacksburg, VA, produced this Pinteresting infographic on important Pinterest demographics. (say it five times, fast)

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You'll notice that the majority (68.2%) of users are women. Anyone with a Pinterest account will imediately notice the amount of women's fashion articles being pinned.

Pinterest could be the fastest growing social media site out there, with a 2,702.2% increase in traffic since last year. The average time users spend on the site is much more than Facebook or Twitter. It even rivals YouTube for time spent. Pretty impressive considering the time commitment it takes to watch a video vs. browsing pictures.

The most interesting thing is the marketing implications this information presents. 28.1% of users have an annual household income exceeding $100,000. 50% of them have children.

Retailers are seeing a huge increase in referral traffic from the site, with a 289% increase from July - Dec. last year, and the amount of traffic is over twice that of LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined.

Another infographic from LinchpinSEO shows the ways in which Businesses are marketing on Pinterest:

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Photographers and fine artists are showcasing their work on Pinterest with descriptions on where to buy. Wedding planners are taking advantage of the high percentage of women on the site. Businesses are even posting coupons and QR code to drive traffic, build awareness, and ultimately get those high referrals.