Pinterest Co-Founder Paul Sciarra Resigns

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Paul Sciarra, co-founder of Pinterest, is leaving the company, according to multiple sources to reporting to Startup Grind. It isn't clear why Sciarra has opted to leave, but sources claim that he will be out within the next week or two. Attempts to contact Sciarra via email were met with an auto-reply.

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Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp

Sciarra was formerly the president of Pinterest, until Ben Silbermann took his place a few moths ago. Silbermann and Sciarra founded Cold Brew Labs while at Yale in 2008. Pinterest's third founder, Evan Sharp, joined the company in 2011, and oversees the sites design. There's been no word so far from Pinterest concerning the matter.

Perhaps Sciarra is aware that Pinterest might eventually implode after every image on the internet becomes triple-pinned, becoming the corporate linkfarm that the site rapidly appears to be evolving into. Or maybe he thought Pinterest's image comment prompting won't actually keep baseless lawsuits away forever.

Or plainly, companies commonly tend to switch roles around as they grow. No word on what Sciarra plans to do in the future either. And time will tell whether or not Pinterest itself will advance as a relevant tool for vendors to trump up interest, or if its buzz and traffic will wane with time.

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