Pinterest Beats Facebook in Social Commerce


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Pinterest is beating Facebook in the way of e-commerce, according to this nifty infographic. But it is important to recognize the source when analysing this data.

Pinterest users spend more and visit more according to, who recently released a case study that analysed 50,000 visitors on Pinterest versus 50,000 on Facebook. Boticca is an online boutique, selling clothes jewelry and accessories. The infographic was featured on AllFacebook, the unofficial Facebook blog.

The study found that 10 percent of website transactions came via Pinterest, compared with 7 percent from Facebook. With 87 percent of consumers visiting via Pinterest being first-timers, compared with 57 percent from Facebook.

On average, per transaction, Pinterest sums more than doubled Facebook, and they had a 43 percent higher bounce rate than Facebook (average time spent on Pinterest was found to be 14.2 minutes).

These statistics highlight the fact that many people (women in particular) go on the site for the expressed purpose of shopping. It only takes one quick glance at Pinterest to notice the insane number of dresses and handbags being posted by other users. Shoppers often follow pinners with a similar taste in fashion, and wait for posts that catch their eye.

The highly visual nature of Pinterest makes it ideal for the fashion industry. When consumers look for other items like electronics, specs often play a great part in the customers decision. A picture doesn't necessarily tell the whole story, whereas with fashion, the look is the whole story.

Really, any consumer products that place form before function would benefit from Pinterest's brand of social marketing.

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