Pinterest Juggernaut At A Glance [Infographic]

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Pinterest. It's the latest and greatest. Pinterest Wins Award for 2011 Startup of the Year" target="_blank">It's huge. It's Pinterest Referrals Beat YouTube, Google+, & Reddit Combined" target="_blank">funneling traffic to retail sites like mad. It's Pinterest Invasion by Men Continues Unabated" target="_blank">not just for women, but it's sure mostly women. They're Pinterest API Release Promises To Be Big Business" target="_blank">releasing an API. We've talked about it a lot already, but there's plenty more to come.

But, for now, here's a neat little infographic brought to you by the fine folks at Mashable that kind of encapsulates much of what you need to know about Pinterest. Remember, while this gives you an overall picture of how things look for the site, there are some significant differences in how things are shaping up here Pinterest In UK Very Different [Infographic]">in the U.S. versus in the U.K. From a business perspective, those kinds of differences are worth noting.

Pinterest-infograph.jpg" title="Everything You Wanted To Know About Pinterest" class="alignnone" width="616" height="1700" />

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