Pinterest Adds Pinboard Covers; No Private Boards

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Pinterest announced today that it is now implementing a common request from its many pinners, or users of its site.

On the popular social media site's blog they touted the ability for user to now create "covers" for their pinboards. Essentially, a cover is a default picture that serves as default photo for that particular pinboard.

Instructions from Pinterest for creating a pinboard cover were as follows:

If you’d prefer a specific pin as a board cover, mouse-over the board you want to edit and click “Edit Board Cover”. Next, select a cover pin and drag it to the exact position you want.

When you’re finished, hit “Set Cover”.

You can also choose a board cover while you’re browsing within your board: Just mouse-over any of your pins to select it.

Covers on collaborative boards can only be selected by the Pinner who created the board. Other than that, you can choose new covers as often as you’d like, so we hope you’ll have fun customizing the look of your boards and profile.

Among the comments, another popular request was floated again: that of being able to have at least a few private boards. As one commenter put it:

"...what about those who might have a desire to start pinning baby things before announcing to the world that they are pregnant, or pinning gifts without their family/friends seeing those gifts, pinning wedding ideas or party ideas for a surprise party - there are definitely reasons to allow us 2-3 boards (or even ONE at least that only *you* can see!) that are private to the world."

Another tackled the private board issue from a different angle:

"Can we get some security restrictions now too please? I want to block my kids from seeing certain stuff 🙂 (boards)!!!"

Pinterest is notoriously quiet about what they are working on, whether or not they even hear pinners' requests and complaints, and when change might be coming. Many of the comments have a pleading air about them as people just hope that the powers that be up there hear their requests.

Mike Tuttle
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