Pinocchio Rex, T-Rex’s Cousin, Unearthed In China

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The skeleton of a new tyrannosaur was found at a construction site in China. The skeleton was identified as the cousin of the T-Rex, and named “Pinocchio Rex” for its lengthy nose. Scientists at the Edinburgh University in the U.K. named the new dinosaur Qianzhousaurus sinensis. They also described the creature as having a height of up to 9 meters. The Pinocchio Rex is said to have been present at the end of the age of dinosaurs in China.

They further described the new dinosaur “ as having a long snout with many horns on its skull.” Steve Brusatte, a paleontologist who is one of the researchers, said “The long snout made us think of Pinocchio and his long nose, so Pinocchio Rex seemed like a cheeky nickname.”

This is not the first time fossils of tyrannosaur fossils have been found. There were previous discoveries of the same species in Mongolia, but they were juveniles, so scientists could not identify if they would have had the same long snout when they turned into adults.

For the Pinocchio Rex, however, Brusatte is certain that it is a mature dinosaur since it is twice the size of the fossils found in Mongolia.

Based on studies, the Qianzhousaurus roamed the earth about 66 million years ago. Just about the time an asteroid supposedly hit the earth and wiped out most of the planet's living creatures. “This species may have even witnessed the asteroid impact,” Brusatte said.

With the discovery of this fossil, scientists say that they got the proof they need to confirm that long-snouted tyrannosaurs did, in fact, roam the earth.

However, a new question arises. Scientists are now trying to determine why the Pinocchio Rex has a snout that is 35 percent longer than other dinosaurs that have been discovered.

The scientists' next move will be to study the fossil’s jaw and learn about its eating habits, so they can learn more about the species.

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