Pink Bird Powers Previewed in New 'Angry Birds Go!' Teaser

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The release of Angry Birds Go! is less than a week away and Rovio has begun teasing the game with a series of short character trailers. The game is a mobile downhill racing game that appears similar in style to the Mario Kart series.

Yesterday the classic red bird (named Red, of course) was teased along with his kart. His on-track ability to boost his speed also seems fairly standard.

Today's new tease is Stella, the pink bird. Her pink-themed kart is shown as both the ramshackle starter kart and the fully-upgraded racer it can become.

On the track, Stella's powers are similar to those of her character in classic Angry Birds games. She is able to produce a bubble around herself, which protects her from the various hazards to be found throughout the races:

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