Photoshop CS6's Creation Was Powered By 601 Cases Of Beer

Developer & Design

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Have you ever wondered what went into building a piece of proprietary software like Photoshop? I promise you it's not black magic, but a lot of beer went into building everybody's favorite photo editing software.

To celebrate Photoshop reaching 5 million Facebook fans, Adobe has put together a short video that compiles all the work that went into making Photoshop CS6. Some of the stats - like Photoshop's 4.5 million lines of code - are rather impressive. Other stats - like the number of beer cases consumed during production - show that Adobe must be a fun to place to work at.

Looking beyond the numbers, the video gives a small glimpse at how software like Photoshop is made. It's not open source so its users can't directly influence its development, but the team does take ideas and suggestions from users to make Photoshop the best it can be.

If the above video has coerced you into wanting to enshrine a physical copy of Photoshop CS6 in your closet; you have until April 30 to do so. After that, the software will leave for the Cloud and digital orders only. You could set up a computer running Photoshop CS6 in your makeshift closet shrine, but it just wouldn't have the same effect.