Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Not Going Without Fight

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The Duck Dynasty business started with a humble line of duck calls. Since then, they’ve become the number one reality television show of all time. They sell headbands, t-shirts, and even a chia pet version of Uncle Si.

So what if ratings on their hit television show have been down from its peak? There is still plenty of money to be made from this thing before packing it in.

“We are continuously blown away at the overwhelming response from our fans,” Willie Robertson said. “And as long as they continue to enjoy the show and its message, we’ll bring them more to watch.”

Some say that the reason the show's ratings have dropped is due to Phil Robertson's outspoken views on homosexuals and same-sex marriage. Robertson spoke out in a GQ interview about the topic, and it tended up costing him a very brief suspension from the show. But fan outcry brought him back.

The Robertsons are aware that their show is slowing down, but they are not so sure that the controversy has anything to do with it. Executive David McKillop said, “I don’t think there’s any definitive proof that the controversy itself had any impact on the ratings. These things tend to burn very, very bright and then begin to settle into a plateau. These kinds of reality shows based on unique or unusual people don’t usually have great staying power. Duck Dynasty has already beaten the odds by getting into Season 6.”

Duck Dynasty has been so unexpectedly successful for A&E, in fact, the network is looking at a spin-off of the show.

The slowdown and ratings dip have certainly not stopped the licensing opportunities for Duck Dynasty and its brand Duck Commander. In fact, the brand is now launching a line of truck tires available in all terrain and mud terrain styles. The Duck Commander name and logo will be on all these.

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