Peyton Manning Leads The Broncos To Another Blowout


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Peyton Manning continues to lead the Denver Broncos to blowout victories, without even letting their opponents compete. He continues to set records and threw for a record high seven touchdowns in their first game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Eagles were his latest victim, as they fell in a severe beat-down that ended with a final rout of 52-20.

Manning, at the age of 37, is one of the oldest quarterbacks in the league, but he still continues to impress and his Broncos are currently one of the top teams in the league. They continue to rack up points and scored more points than they ever had in their 54-year history in yesterday's game, according to NBC News. Manning completed 28 of his 34 throws for 327 yards and did not even play in the fourth quarter.

He is now averaging four touchdown passes per game and with 16, it gives him the most in the first month ever. The Broncos have also scored 179 points in their first 4 games, the second most in history, behind only the 1966 Dallas Cowboys, who were able to put up 183 points. While Manning started his career with the Colts and had great success there, he has had incredible success with the Broncos and hopes to finally get a Super Bowl ring with a successful season this year. As the Denver Post mentions, before Manning signed to play with the Broncos before the 2012 season, he was already considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Since joining the Broncos, he has led them to 17 victories and passed for 53 touchdowns, with only 11 interceptions. The Eagles are also experiencing a disappointing season, along with the rest of their division. They started the season 1-0, but have lost the following three games. It seems that the era of Michael Vick is coming to an end, after finishing the game with no touchdowns and he continues to struggle. Although, he did complete 14 of 27 for 248 yards, so it could just be their tough opponent in this case.

Manning said after the win, "I think we'll enjoy this win and we'll learn from it. But you have to move on to the next week pretty quickly." Next week, the Broncos play the Dallas Cowboys, who are 2-2, and lead the NFC East division in a very disappointing season. Peyton Manning continues to impress NFL fans and his opponents and seems to beg the question, will they able to go 16-0 like the Patriots did, before their eventual loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl?

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