PETA Wanted Jeffrey Dahmer’s Home To Become A Diner

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(Warning: the following describes a man whose crimes were against humanity.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Jeffrey Dahmer, then all you need to know is that he was a serial killer and sex offender who:

  • Killed, raped, and dismembered 17 men and boys from 1978 to 1991.
  • The murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and preservation of body parts (in his fridge.)
  • Suffered from borderline personality disorder and was found legally sane on trial.
  • Was bludgeoned to death by fellow inmates in 1994.

So what did everyone’s favorite animal-rights organization suggest Dahmer’s former childhood home turn into?  A vegan restaurant called “Eat For Life – Home Cooking” – to think how edgy and niche it would be to munch on your vegetables in a place where a man killed and dismembered 19-year old hitchhiker Steven Hicks and scattered his remains on the 1.5 acre property.


“We’re always looking for ways to turn cruelty on its ugly head, so when we heard that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer‘s childhood home had been put up for sale, we saw an opportunity to create good out of evil,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted on its website.

“Rather than remaining as a stark reminder of its dark past, the building can instead become the site of a celebration of culinary compassion.”

However, last Tuesday, PETA changed their minds and abandoned their idea for the killer home restaurant makeover:

"We regret that we won't be able to move forward with this project, even though it was met with some enthusiasm as well as some derisive comments," said Moira Colley, media officer with PETA, in an email sent to media outlets on Tuesday.

The real estate agent, Richard Lubinski of Stouffer Realty, said he was not surprised that PETA dropped the proposal.

"I had to take it seriously," he said, out of "fiduciary duty to my client". Lubinski said. "With PETA's history of these stunts ... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two-and-two together" to determine the suggestion was a publicity stunt.

On Friday, Bill Funk, the town’s zoning inspector and administrator, told the Akron Beacon Journal that it's unlikely Bath Township would make an exception to allow a restaurant business to run in a residential neighborhood.

Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA’s president, once said in a 1991 USA Today article about PETA’s shock-value methods: "Probably everything we do is a publicity stunt ... We're not here to shock and horrify, but sometimes you have to grab people's attention."

In 2012, PETA wanted to transform the foreclosing Florida home of O.J. Simpson into a “Meat is Murder” museum.

Go vegan.

Images via WikiCommons, PETA, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department

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