Peru Inmates Perform Musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for Holy Week


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Holy Week-the last week before Lent leading up to Easter Sunday-has kicked off to a theatrical start.

Peruvian inmates at the Sarita Colonia prison performed their version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar Tuesday as part of Holy Week in Lima.

The cast, which has been preparing for the play since February, finally made their debut presentation among fellow inmates and prison officials.

The production crew consisting of over a dozen actors, apparently designed their own costumes, built their own set, and studied their lines for two months straight.

One of the inmates was chosen to portray Jesus.

The reenactment of Jesus' crucifixion couldn't have been more realistic. The actor was forced to carry his own cross, was then tied to it, and mounted above for everyone to see.

Sarita Colonia guards also had the opportunity to enjoy the show as they heavily monitored the play in the back of the prison yard.

According to the prison's press release, officials said that the purpose behind the rock opera was to encourage and inspire the prisoners during their time of rehabilitation.

Director and convicted robber, Freddy Battifora, 35, told reporters that the performance was a “healthier means of self-expression for blowing off steam,” especially for the cast members.

In other related news, an additional event started on Sunday April 13 in Seville, Spain.

The Christian Easter Holy Week also includes Semana Santa de Sevilla, which comprises of floats, holy figures, and religious processions.

One feature in particular involves penitents (sinners) dressed up in robes and hoods to conceal their identity while they confess of their sins in public.

The traditional festivities are usually celebrated in most Spanish towns during this time of the year.

In the streets of Jerusalem, both Jewish and Christian people of faith have also gathered to commemorate the Passover and Holy Week by remembering miraculous stories in the Bible.

Check out this clip of the original 1973 musical Jesus Christ Superstar:

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