People Magazine Announces Refusal Of Celeb Kid Photos

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People Magazine has joined Entertainment Tonight in banning paparazzi photos of celebrity children, a campaign started by celebrity couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. People says they will still publish pics of the famous tykes if they appear at a red carpet event with their parents--where it is understood that they will be photographed as a general rule--or if the photos are uploaded to a social media site, where anything goes as long as the profile is made public.

The move is a big win for Shepard and Bell, who asked their fans in January to stop buying magazines that published photos of famous kids and said they wouldn't do interviews for any publication that did. Having already teamed up with ET, the couple have been backed by celebrity parents like Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, who have said they fear for the safety of their children when paparazzi get involved.

"We are proud to support Kristen Bell and other celebrities in their efforts to protect their children from intrusive paparazzi," said ET Executive Producers Linda Bell Blue and DJ Petroro, along with Co-Executive Producer Linda Fuller. "It is our sincere hope that having ET take a leadership position on this issue sends a clear message to the photographers taking these unwanted shots, that this behavior will not be tolerated or supported."

After rallying to get People to comply, Shepard and Bell were elated when the magazine published an editor's letter by Jess Cagle, the editorial director.

"Recently, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard took to TV and social media to criticize outlets that run "unauthorized" photos of celebs and their kids. PEOPLE's current practices actually address their concerns. My colleagues and I are journalists, but we're also mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles. I have close friends who are actors, and I've seen them struggle to protect their kids from photographers and reporters who cross the line. At PEOPLE we pride ourselves on covering entertainment and human-interest stories with respect for the truth and compassion for our subjects. We grow and evolve by listening to our audience – but also by being fair to the people we write about in print and online," Cagle wrote.

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