Penelope Disick and North West Already Fight Over Shoes

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Penelope Disick is getting her "Keeping Up" training in early. Her mother Kourtney Kardashian recently told Us Magazine that her daughter and Kim Kardashian's are already taking their battles over fashion up a notch.

“Both of the girls love shoes,” Kourtney said of Penelope Disick and North West. "Last night North was over and they were fighting over shoes in Penelope's closet and they were so cute. By the end, they were sharing and trying the shoes on each other and having so much fun. It reminds me of how Kim and I were when we were little girls."

Kourtney said she and her sister played just like Penelope Disick and North West did.

“We had this game we played, I was Donna Karan and she was my assistant, and I was really bossy,” Kourtney said. "We would always hear my mom talk about designers, and she had all this designer vintage…We had so much fun playing in her closet."

That concentration of designer fashion sure paid off for Kris Jenner's kids. She has one daughter who is a famous supermodel, another who is breaking into the runway circuit on her own terms, another who is already getting lip filler, and granddaughters who are fighting over shoes. But it all has made them ridiculously rich and famous.

So Penelope Disick is getting her picks on things early.

“My daughter already tries on my shoes," Kourtney revealed, "and she plays with my makeup. It's fun, but it brings out the girlier side in me knowing that I'm a role model for her.”

As long as Penelope Disick waits a few years before trying on her aunt's lip filler, she might turn out okay in the end.

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