Penelope Cruz Wins Best Bod Over Jennifer Lawrence

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Penelope Cruz has been named as Fitness Magazine's top Best Body for the year, beating out Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock.

Cruz was chosen due to her ability to regain her figure after the birth of her son in July; the 39-year old walked the red carpet just three months after having her baby looking as fit as ever. Cruz says she gives the credit to following a Mediterranean diet and chasing after her two little ones, as well as dancing.

Cruz has been rumored to be up for the role of James Bond's leading lady in the next Bond film, and although nothing has been confirmed, she does have a link to the franchise through her husband--Javier Bardem--who played Silva in "Skyfall".

As for Fitness Magazine's runner up Jennifer Lawrence, she says she hates dieting and couldn't even make herself do it during the filming of "Hunger Games".

"During Hunger Games, when I was eating ungodly amounts, I used to tell myself, 'Stop eating, people are going to see this," she said. "This movie is going to be around forever.' But nope! I was like, I still want candy and I still want a hot dog! Nothing can motivate me. Then X-Men started, and I thought, 'Oh definitely, I'll work out and diet.' But nope. Not me!"

Sandra Bullock, however, is a different story. She works out for an hour a day, six days a week to maintain her figure.

"Pilates, kickboxing, weight lifting and running or biking while traveling," she says.

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