Penelope Cruz Mistakenly Requests Sex Act Instead of Hair Service at Salon

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Penelope Cruz didn't have much of a command of the English language when she first came to the U.S. to become an actress. While she was a guest on the Graham Norton Show recently, (the episode is set to air tonight) she shared a hilarious story of how that less than perfect English found her requesting a sex act in a salon--when what she really wanted was a simple hair service.

“When I first arrived I spoke so little and basically just knew my lines. I used to freak out because I didn’t know what the actors and director were saying--it was very frustrating," Penelope Cruz explained.

“I even embarrassed myself at the hairdresser when I asked for a blow job,” she added.

What Penelope Cruz wanted, of course, was a blow dry.

Despite her prosperous career, the actress might never live that story down.

Penelope Cruz was joined on the Graham Norton Show by her Zoolander 2 costars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Stiller wrote her role in the film especially for her.

“She is a beautiful person and an amazing actor and I just wanted to hang out with her,” he joked.

“I was a huge fan of the first film. I had seen it six or seven times and was one of those people that memorize the dialogue so when Ben called me I was so happy to hear there was going to be a second one and, on top of that, I was going to be in it!” Penelope Cruz shared.

In Zoolander 2, Cruz plays an Interpol agent named Valentina, who seeks help from both Derek (played by Ben Stiller) and Hansel (played by Owen Wilson).

It's highly unlikely that anywhere in her lines does Penelope Cruz ask for a blow job.

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