Peer Reviews Trump Advertising [Infographic]


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It started out with larger purchases, I would go online and check to see what other people had to say. If the reviews were mixed, I would give it a try, but if they were overwhelmingly bad, it was off my list. Consumer reviews have become a staple of internet window shopping for almost everyone, especially if you want to be an informed consumer.

I love online product reviews. Everything from restaurants to shoelaces can reviewed on some website today. In fact, some of the best product advertising stems from great consumer reviews. On the down side for advertisers, consumers are no longer persuaded to buy lackluster products by overly boisterous marketing campaigns.

On the plus side for us, we are more informed than ever, and we have come to trust many online product reviews, especially if they come from people who we know or are familiar with. These online reviews are the subject of this next infographic by Flowtown.Com.

Taking information compiled by Nielsen, the survey people, Flowtown shows us what consumer confidence looks like for a variety of mediums including Brand sponsored advertising and marketing campaigns, peer reviews, sponsorships, editorial content, brand websites, peer recommendations, consumer opinions, text ads, and various other media ads.

The results wont surprise you, we trust recommendations from people we know, consumer opinions, and brand websites the most. That's right, we do our homework, see what others are using, see what they have to say about it, then make our decision. It's a fun infographic. If you're not using online product reviews to do your window shopping, maybe this will convince you. Check it out: