PDF By Numbers: Who's Going Paperless? [Infographic]


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With the rising cost of physical resources saving money on supplies like paper and ink is more important than ever. PDF's or paperless documents are a great way to cut expenses, even coupons are going paperless in case you haven't realized.

Who wants to store documents in gigantic, hard to manage file cabinets anymore? No one, I can store thousands of documents in a device the size of my palm and have them all backed-up online. NitroPDF.Com has come out with a wonderful infographic about the popularity of PDF's and demographic information on who's using them.

Their use is not as wide spread as one might think. One moderating variable seems to be at the root of popularity for PDF's. Guess what? No surprise here, it's income. Poor people don't know what a PDF is. Of course that's not entirely true. Only about 37% of people who earn less than $30,000 per year know what PDF's are and use them.

Basically put, if you don't own the technology, you aren't going to have any way of taking advantage of its benefits. No smartphone and no home computer equal no PDF's., right? The main gist is, half of America is in the know about PDF's, and that leaves a lot of room for growth.

It's environmentally friendly, it's cost effective, it's PDF. Let's take a look at what Nitro found: