PC Sales Expected to Pick Up Later This Year


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Since the advent of tablet computing, PC sales have been rapidly slowing. Reports have shown that PC sales declined during the 2012 holiday season and have been continuing to drop at a rapid pace. Though Microsoft has been blaming PC manufacturers for slow sales of Windows 8 machines, it's now clear that the operating system itself has some blame to take for slowing sales.

Now, with Windows 8.1 and new Intel processors on the horizon, it seems that PC manufacturers are growing confident that PC sales will soon pick up. Digitimes, the Tiawanese publication that closely follows tech manufacturing supply chains, this week reported that PC chip manufacturers in Taiwan are predicting an uptick in PC sales for the third quarter of 2013.

Digitimes cites unnamed "industry sources" as saying PC manufacturers in both the U.S. and China are "more optimistic" about the third quarter as they prepare to release PCs with new Intel Haswell processors. Several Taiwanese chip manufacturers have also revised their third-quarter estimates upward in anticipation of growing sales.

(via BGR)