"Pawn Stars" Shop May Have Melted Down Stolen Coins

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A man who had what he says is $50,000 worth of coins stolen from him has filed a criminal complaint against his niece, who allegedly took the coins and pawned them on three different occasions at the Las Vegas Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, which is where the hit show "Pawn Stars" is filmed. However, it doesn't look like David Walters is going to be able to retrieve his collection, as the coins have reportedly been melted down already.

Although pawn shops are required to adhere to strict guidelines concerning the items they take and how long they keep them, coins aren't regulated as long as they aren't part of a piece of jewelry, and the shop can do with them what they please.

"In a fast-moving shop, particularly our shop, because of its fame, you move things quickly," said shop spokesperson Laura Herlovich. "We go through them. If the grader is not someone we trust, the cases are cracked open and the coins are sent out to be melted down. That was the case here. I don't know for sure, but I believe a majority were melted down. They weren't worth what he [Walters] thought they were worth."

Walters says some of the coins were rare--such as a $20 gold piece--but wasn't aware they were missing until it was too late. His niece, Jennifer Beckman, allegedly received over $12,000 for the pieces.

The stars of the hit reality show have been in headlines lately because of a death hoax circulating around the web that Chumlee--real name Austin Russell--had died of a heart attack. Russell took to social media this week to prove he's alive and well.

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