Paulina Rubio Accused Of Beating Male Assistant

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Mexican songstress Paulina Rubio is now embroiled in a legal battle with her former assistant, who says she kicked and punched him following an airline mix-up which left her sitting in the coach section.

Felipe Restrapo Betancur says his former employer arrived too late to catch her flight from Miami to Mexico, where she was scheduled to perform the next day. In order to keep her on schedule, Betancur says he booked her a new flight, but because it was almost full, he could only secure her a seat in coach, and that's when she went off.

The lawsuit--which states that "Ms. Rubio committed assault and battery upon Plaintiff causing him pain, anguish, physical and emotional harm"--alleges that the abuse continued during the entire stay in Miami, and that Betancur ended his employment with Rubio as soon as they arrived home.

Amanda Crum
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