Paula Patton Stuns In First Appearance Since Breakup

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It happens to many of us.

We'll date or be with somebody for a long time, then for some reason the two of you break up, and the next time you see that person he or she looks great, and it's probably the best you've ever seen that person look in their life.

That's what's happening to Robin Thicke right now, as his estranged wife Paula Patton just made her first post-breakup appearance and she looked absolutely breathtaking.

Sporting a shorter than short yellow dress that fit the actress perfectly, Patton caught the attention of everyone who attended Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, and some might say she chose the color yellow to symbolize that she's feeling relatively upbeat considering her current situation.

In an interview Patton gave right before announcing the separation, she said she tries to focus on loving herself, not just her husband, and it's very important for women to do that.

"It's about loving yourself," she said. "And that's what it's about."

"At the end of the day, if you love yourself, that creates a glow and an energy and that draws people to you. And when you stop searching for someone to complete you, to define you and you exist on your own, there's something so beautiful and attractive about that. So I think really the most important thing is we get to work on loving ourselves and the rest will come."

Additionally, TMZ revealed that Patton isn't impressed with Thicke going all over the place and telling people that he wants her back. She's looking for the singer to completely change his ways and to recommit to her.

According to a source of the celebrity site, Patton is giving Thicke space, but she's still watching him closely to see if he'll fix some of his ways or if he'll eventually get tired of trying to get her back and go back to what got him separated in the first place.

But either way, Patton looked stunning on the red carpet of the award's ceremony, so Thicke better step up his game and pay attention to his woman or somebody else will for sure.

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