Paul Stanley, KISS Frontman, Rips Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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Legendary hard rock band KISS has been stirring controversy over the drama that surrounds their recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Outspoken guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley has been candid about his sentiments toward the long-standing induction.

After being passed over for 14 years, the iconic glam rockers are finally being inducted by the Rock Hall. Stanley has been very vocal about his views on the way the celebratory performance ought to be handled – his bandmates, bassist and reality TV star Gene Simmons, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and drummer Peter Criss, all feel the same way he does.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Stanley talked about the rumors surrounding the band’s induction, which he dubbed as the Foundation’s “worst nightmare”. He went on to declare that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really an exclusive group of people “who decide who they want in their little club and who don’t”, as opposed to being “a hall of fame of the people”.

Stanley added that the only reason for his attendance is the fans for whom the induction means something.

The 62-year-old rhythm guitarist co-founded KISS along with Simmons 40 years ago. The band’s four original members are attending the ceremony, which will be held at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center on April 10th. Former guitarist Bruce Kulick and current guitarist Tommy Thayer as well as drummer Eric Singer will also be in attendance. Stanley and Simmons had originally wanted the band to perform together, but the Rock Hall reportedly told them that the performance was a “non-starter”.

Apart from the Rock Hall’s disinterest in a possible KISS performance in the ceremony, Stanley complained about the Foundation’s alleged efforts to fight the band’s entrance into the elite organization since their eligibility 15 years ago. February marks the 40th anniversary of KISS’ self-titled debut album.

KISS Reunite For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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