Paul Rudd Offers New Yorkers $1, But For What?


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It's not everyday a famous actor offers people on the street money, although to get money from Paul Rudd, you'd have to agree to do something with him.

In a recent Billy on the Street video posted on Funny or Die, Rudd asks strangers if they would have sex with him, if the answer was "yes," the stranger also got $1. Host Billy Eichner accompanied Rudd on the streets of New York asking passersby if they would hit the sheets with Rudd.

In the video clip Eichner says, "Paul and I are going to run around and find out which New Yorkers would like to have sex with a charming and absolutely adorable Paul Rudd. Are you ready Paul?"

As luck would have it, Rudd didn't have to wait long for a woman to agree to have sex with him for $1. The first woman they asked said, "Of course I would!"

The flattery for Rudd continued when another lady said she would have sex with the actor "for nothing!"

Rudd and Eichner didn't just ask the ladies either. When they approached a man on the street he first said, "No, because he's a man," but after taking another look at Rudd he replied, "Ok, he's cute."

There was an older woman that Rudd just couldn't win over, to which Eichner turned to Rudd and yelled, "You should have never done Dinner for Schmucks, I told you that."

"I think that is what's affecting this poll," said Rudd.

Fuse TV took to Twitter to get fans a little more excited about the episode with a picture of Eichner and Rudd on the streets of New York.

Many fans couldn't wait for the show to start.

You can watch the video clip of Rudd and Eichner in the video below.

The episode of Billy on the Street featuring Rudd airs Wednesday night at 11:00 pm on Fuse TV.

Image via Billy Eichner, Twitter.