Patti Stanger Talks Motherhood and Past Abortion

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While Millionaire Matchmaker extraordinaire Patti Stanger has load of advice for wealthy singles, she recently shared that she didn't always have all the answers. As a matter of fact, Stanger even shed light on some personal issues that have plagued her over the years.

In a recent Q&A column with OK! Magazine, fans submitted questions to the Bravo TV star via Twitter. One fan asked Stanger what was her biggest regret. Sanger replied, "My biggest regret is I didn't have children."

However, the answer to the question didn't end there. It was quite obvious that the admission touched a sensitive spot for Stanger, as she was faced with a moment of vulnerability. So instead of abruptly moving on to the next question, she offered more.

"I didn't have enough money, and I didn't think it was OK to have a child and be a single parent," she recalled. "Now look, everybody's doing that. And I think that I didn't find the right guy at the right time to have one with, I guess, but I don't think I would adopt and be single."

It's definitely safe to say Stanger's regret centers around the fact that she actually had an opportunity at motherhood. She even continued with an explanation.

"I think I would've eventually found a guy, settled down, got the picket fence, and I just didn't meet the right person at the right time," she continued. "I wasn't lucky like a lot of other people. And that's my biggest regret, not having kids."

Then, Stanger went on to do what she does best - offer advice. Stanger lightened the sullen mood that came with her admission as she insisted that people shouldn't give up on hopes of love.

She even offered a different perspective on how people should view love and finding 'the one'. "You really have to look at it like, you just need one and your'e done," Stanger advised. "If you constantly keep scoping the field and looking for the biger and better deal, you're going to be alone. You need to find some good guy, like a 7 or 8, that you can put a nice pair of jeans on, cut his hair, get him a suntan, and he's sweet and nice and warm, makes a good living, and makes you laugh—and then call it a day."

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