Patti Stanger Offers Relationship Advice To Jennifer Lopez


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Patti Stanger knows what makes a relationship work and the types of people that belong with one another.

Jennifer Lopez knows a thing or two about failed relationships.

Stanger says that there is a still a chance that Lopez could find love and would love to set her up with someone.

“I think I could help her, really,” said Stanger in a recent interview with the Huffington Post. “There's some stuff that she's doing that I would love to fix. The first thing is: Don't lead with the cooch."

Jennifer Lopez is very attractive and clearly has a lot of sex appeal, but Stanger says that shouldn’t be the only quality she shares with men.

She suggests that she put sex on the back burner and start showing men how fun and smart she is.

Once a man is interested in her mentally and invested in her emotionally, than Lopez should consider adding intimacy to the mix, Stanger claims.

While her opinions may seem rather judgmental, Stanger insists that she is only trying to help.

"And actually, I would like her to date up and not down…” Stanger said of Lopez’s past relationships. “There's a lid for every pot.”

Stanger said she hopes Lopez takes her up on her offer for help and hopes that she knows that she only means well.

“She's a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She's super successful. She made her money, she has her kids. Let's make love a priority right now,” Stanger added.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez will really let Patti Stanger set her up with a man?