Patrick McDermott: Olivia Newton John's Missing Ex-Boyfriend Reportedly Found Alive

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Olivia Newton John’s ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott may be alive, a new report claims.

Woman’s Day magazine alleges that an investigator named John Nazarian revealed McDermott is secretly living in Mexico with his German lover, ten years after his strange disappearance.

“It's rumored he was with a German national. I spoke to people there [in Mexico]. The girl he was traveling with was described as having a German accent... To come up with the conclusion that he fell off the boat, and allegedly no one saw him fall off the boat, is the most preposterous thing I've ever heard in my life,” Nazarian reportedly told the Australian magazine.

According to previous reports, McDermott disappeared during an overnight fishing excursion near San Pedro, California in June 2005. None of the 22 passengers of the fishing boat saw McDermott, who was 48 at the time, go overboard. He was not reported as missing until a week after the trip, when he did not show up for a family event.

Coast Guard divers failed to locate McDermott’s body after three years of search operations, and they declared that he “likely drowned.”

It was revealed that Patrick McDermott went missing after filing for bankruptcy. He left behind unpaid debts amounting to over $30,000. He also owed $8,000 in child support to his former wife Yvette Nipar, for their son, Chance.

Patrick McDermott, who is of Korean descent, allegedly had a second passport under his birth name – Patrick Kim – and withdrew his life savings from his bank accounts before his mysterious disappearance.

A separate investigation by Philip Klein in 2009, which was featured in a 2010 episode of Dateline, revealed McDermott was actually alive. A lawyer for the missing cameraman reportedly sent a letter to Klein saying his client “simply wishes to be left alone.”

Private Investigator Insists that Patrick McDermott is Alive

“His attorney called from Mexico City and said that Patrick didn't want to be bothered. He hadn't faked anything. He just wanted to get away from the drama,” Klein said.

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