Patricia Arquette Steps Out With "Cat Daughter"

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Patricia Arquette was spotted on the red carpet for the 2015 People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night.

The lovely actress was stunning, as usual, but all eyes were on her special guest.

Patricia Arquette brought her 11-year-old daughter, who has been given the giant but beautiful name Harlow Olivia Calliope Jane and was sporting an interesting accessory.

Cat ears.

Oh, those preteens. Always trying to grab some attention. But, it's even harder when you must compete with some of the brightest stars in Hollywood, so good call, Harlow.

At least Patricia Arquette's daughter was wearing a cute and age appropriate outfit with her cat ears.

Her outfit was a casual, yet stylish, black dress with matching black combat-style boots.

After E's Ross Mathews got over the cat ears, he got down to asking Patricia Arquette about her recent film, Boyhood.

Arquette is obviously very proud of her work on the film.

She said, "I love everybody that was a part of that movie."

She added, "I'm so grateful that audiences have embraced it."

He also asked her about her new television series, CSI: Cyber, which will start later this year. The latest in the CSI franchise is kicked up a bit for a more modern fight against crime.

And it's rather timely considering recent events.

Patricia Arquette said of the new series, "It's really what's happening right now in crime."

She added, "I said to you that we've seen cops with guns for about 50 years but this is where crime is."

I'm more than a little excited about Patricia Arquette's new show and the new spin it puts on crime!

What do you think about Patricia Arquette's daughter's cute red carpet appearance?

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