Path Crowdsources Translation to Other Languages

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Path, is taking the route Twitter took in transitioning their social networking app to other countries in different languages; they're letting the users help with the translation process. The crowdsourced approach seems to be providing great success to Path.

Here's what they wrote on their blog:

Every day, all over the world, more people are sharing their stories with loved ones on Path. The response internationally has been amazing. We’ve heard from students and professors to avid travelers and programmers — all offering time and knowledge to help improve our translations. We thank you for your help!

Working with Smartling, a translation specialist, and many volunteers from around the globe. Path is set to offer their services in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. In the future we are planning to add Traditional Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Malay, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål, and English (UK).

More from their blog:

Today we’re taking another step to improve the Path experience for those of you abroad. We have set up a new translation platform, powered by Smartling, which allows you to sign up and edit the languages available for Path, submit translations and work with others to ensure your language is fully supported in future versions of Path.

So it sounds like they're are on the right path to success with their platform. Allowing others to help with the translation is a great way to tackle the challenge of getting foreign language users on board. We'll keep you updated on how their progress is coming.