Pat Houston, Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick Spotted at Bobbi Kristina Brown's Burial

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Pat Houston, Cissy Houston, and singer Dionne Warwick were among the mourners spotted at Bobbi Kristina Brown's burial in Westfield, New Jersey on Monday. Bobbi Kristina was laid to rest next to her mother, Whitney Houston.

Pallbearers at Bobbi Kristina's burial wore pink Converse sneakers and pink belts. Bobbi Kristina's body arrived at the cemetery in a gold hearse, similar to the one that transported Whitney Houston's body when she died back in 2012.

Pat Houston stood by Bobbi Kristina from the time she was first hospitalized back in late January. The only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was discovered facedown in the bathtub of her Roswell, Georgia home on January 31st. She never regained consciousness. Pat Houston was by her side at the hospital, in the rehab facility, and at the Peachtree Christian Hospice where she passed away a week ago Sunday.

A funeral reception was held at Pat Houston's Atlanta home for Bobbi Kristina following Friday's funeral, and even though Leolah Brown--Bobby Brown's aunt--interrupted Pat Houston as she prepared to speak at the funeral, she still hosted Leolah at her home for the reception.

Leolah Brown told the media who were camped outside of the funeral home Friday, “Whitney Houston will haunt Pat Houston from the grave."

It's uncertain if Leolah Brown traveled to New Jersey with the rest of the Brown and Houston families for Bobbi Kristina's burial or not, but it no doubt took a great deal of grace on Pat Houston's behalf to allow her into her home on Friday.

One would hope that the Brown and Houston families would stop feuding now that Bobbi Kristina has been laid to rest. It's not likely that will happen right away, however. In Whitney Houston's will, it says in the event of Bobbi Kristina Brown's passing, her fortune is to be split between Cissy Houston and Whitney's two brothers. Pat Houston is married to one of those brothers.

How long do you expect it might be before true peace visits the Brown and Houston families?

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