"Party Princess": Manslaughter Charge Carries 30-Year Sentence

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The self-proclaimed "Party Princess" of Miami, Karlie Tomica, is now facing a DUI manslaughter charge after a Miami court added her blood-alcohol content to their case on Friday.

20-year old Tomica allegedly left her job as bartender at the popular bar Nikki Beach nightclub on January 28th with over three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system and sped down Collins Avenue in her vehicle, striking famed local chef Stefano Riccioletti and killing him instantly. He was reportedly thrown more than thirty feet upon impact; in court documents, Tomica was said to have had bits of Riccioletti's brain matter in her hair. She was so drunk, officials said, that after she was taken into custody she passed out at the police station.

Tomica was originally charged with leaving the scene of a crime, but the alcohol content of her blood moved the judge to up the charge to DUI manslaughter last week.

“Stefano is not here, and it doesn’t matter if it is a car or a gun, he was killed. And the persons or person responsible for that need to be held accountable," said Jose Baez, an attorney for Riccioletti's family.

Tomica, whose Twitter profile proclaimed her a "party princess" and detailed her night of celebrating with a fake ID, was visibly upset in court and mentioned that she has finals this week. She has been placed on continued house arrest.

Amanda Crum
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