Parker Posey of 'You've Got Mail' Remembers Late Director Nora Ephron

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Parker Posey, an incredible actress known for her role in You've Got Mail, took some time Thursday to remember the director of the film, Nora Ephron, who died in 2012.

Ephron was the queen of creating a plethora of unforgettable rom-com films, including When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, but according to Parker Posey, the offscreen part of working with the late director was just as unforgettable.

"She was just amazing," Parker Posey told HuffPost Live in describing how, while acting in Ephron's 1998 film You've Got Mail, the director made time to create a special intimacy among her cast behind the scenes.

"Her sets felt just like a cocktail party or lunch -- in the same way that working with Woody Allen [is]," Posey recalled. "You talk about what you're gonna eat later, and it's just kind of low-key and relaxed."

Parker, who stars in Allen's new, untitled film, remembered a specific direction that Efron once gave her before a scene.

"Just be funny," said Ephron before film rolled, leaving Posey on the floor laughing.

"That just struck me as really funny," Parker Posey said. "It made me laugh!"

"I just love her," Parker added of Nora Ephron. "I'm such a fan of hers and her writing."

Parker and Woody Allen worked together on Allen's last film,Irrational Man, which starred Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix. Their next project will see Parker Posey alongside Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg and Bruce Willis for the project, according to

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