Paris Hilton Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction [PHOTOS]

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Now that Kim Kardashian has taken over as America's number one socialite, some forget that Paris Hilton once held the crown, as she was one of the first people in Hollywood to be famous for just being famous, which these days is pretty commonplace.

And unless you haven't noticed, Hilton hasn't been in the press as much recently, but every now and then she'll find herself back in the media for something she said or did, and this time a huge wardrobe malfunction is responsible for getting her a lot of attention.

It happened at Hilton's 33rd birthday party this past Saturday at a place called Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. The 5'8" beauty sported a long fuchsia colored gown, with white and pink trim, which was made by Israelian fashion designer Alon Livne.

While walking up the red carpet the dress seemed to take on a life of its own, and it began to move and swirl about, leaving Hilton's bottom half completely exposed.

Now a dress getting blown by the wind or moving around because of the way a person is walking isn't so unusual, but when the person wearing the dress doesn't have any underwear on, it makes one wonder if the wardrobe malfunction was done on purpose or not.

Either way, photographers got multiple shots of Hilton's exposed back and front side, and there was absolutely nothing left to the imagination. But what's even stranger is there are no photos of Hilton trying to control the dress or cover up. Again, it makes one think if she used the malfunction as a photo op to get back into the press, because if that was her plan it worked flawlessly.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the California native said choosing the dress was an easy decision for her, and she first spotted it at one of the fashion shows she recently attended.

"This was one of the couture gowns [ from a fashion show] and I said 'I have to wear that for my birthday it's like the perfect Barbie princess dress.'"

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