Paris Hilton Hacker Busted Yet Again


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It's been ten years since the Paris Hilton hacker scandal and apparently one of the culprits responsible never learned his lesson.

Cameron Lacroix of New Bedford, Mass. just pled guilty to two counts of computer intrusion and one count of access device fraud.

Lacroix went on a major hacking spree that began in 2011, during which time he targeted a staggering amount of victims.

Over a two year period, Lacroix targeted not one, but several police departments.

The brazen hacker gained access to various sensitive documents such as arrest warrants, intelligence reports, and sex offender profiles.

Another major victim of Lacroix was the Bristol Community College. Prosecutors say the hacker breached the school's several times between September 2012 and December 2013.

His purpose? To improve his grades. Clearly Lacroix took Ferris Bueller's Day Off waaaay too literally.

Topping it all off, Lacroix stole the payment card data of at least 14,000 different people.

In order to avoid major jail time for his crimes, Lacroix made a plea agreement. It's an agreement that is quite generous considering his audacious crimes.

The plea deal will send Lacroix to a federal prison where he will serve a four year sentence. After his release from jail, Lacroix will be under three years of supervision.

This punishment comes a decade after Lacroix gained notoriety for stealing and leaking nudes that Paris Hilton had on her phone.

No doubt the time spent in jail will force this hacker to face life without access to computers, which might be punishment enough.

If not, would it be too much to ask that Lacroix's access to any and all forms of computer technology be taken away indefinitely?

After all, if Lacroix didn't learn anything from repeatedly being busted, it may be too much to expect he'll give up his hacking ways.

Image via Wikimedia Commons