Parents Spying on Their Kids on Facebook - An Infographic

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What are your kids doing on Facebook? 55% of parents can answer that question, according to a study depicted in an infographic from

The sources of the info in this graphic are a Bullguard Internet Security Survey and Parents, Children & Social Networking Consumer Reports.

"There is a lot you can tell about a person by reading their Facebook profile," says Loreal Lynch at "From incriminating photos to friendship insights, Facebook tells all. That's one of the reasons so may parents are joining Facebook, according to a recent study. As it turns out, more than half of parents use the popular social network to spy on their kids' Internet activity--and 11 percent of parents joined Facebook for the sole purpose of snooping on their kids! But with the growing number of underage Facebook users, are parents snooping, or safeguarding? Find out the stats on parents and Facebook in the below infographic."

Here's the infographic:

Parents on Facebook
Courtesy of:

Jackie Cohen at AllFacebook, who gets a hat tip for pointing out this infographic, says, "Half of all parents have been keeping tabs on their teenage kids via Facebook. If anything, we’re surprised that the percentage isn’t higher."

I guess the last question stated in the infographic is the real question: invasion of privacy or good parenting? What do you think?

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