Pandora Lets You Turn Off Ads for One Day, for $1

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As expected, Pandora has unveiled a new way to generate revenue from people who just need a little break from the ads.

For users who need an ad-free experience – maybe for a long road trip or a big party – Pandora is giving the option of a one-day pass. Instead of paying a full subscription for Pandora's ad-free tier, users can now pay $0.99 and receive 24 hours of ad-free listening.

“Delivering the best personalized music experience is our sole purpose at Pandora, and our team of nearly 100 musicologists dedicate an indescribable amount of energy to make that happen for each individual listener,” said Chris Phillips, chief product officer at Pandora. “Some listeners want an ad-free experience every once in a while, and the Pandora One Day Pass offers a new way to effortlessly access the music they love.”

On September 10, iOS and Android users will be able to go to their app settings, select Pandora One, and then select a day pass.

September 9th is Pandora's 10th birthday, and in celebration the company is letting all US users listen ad-free today.

In Pandora's 10 years, it says users have streamed 74 billion hours of music. Of course, users have also sat through a lot of ads in that time. The company has been varying its ad options as of late – just this summer it unveiled Sponsored Listening, which lets users enjoy an ad-free hour of music, uninterrupted, if they just pay special attention to one, longer ad first.

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