Pandora Is Now Available On Windows Phone 8, Will Be Ad-Free For The Rest Of 2013

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Slowly but surely, Windows Phone 8 is starting to build out its app ecosystem to include some of the heavy hitters in the mobile scene. Just last month, Windows Phone 8 users got Spotify, and now Internet radio fans can enjoy Pandora from the comfort of a Windows Phone.

So what sets Pandora on Windows Phone 8 apart from the same app on iOS or Android? For one, Pandora for Windows Phone is integrated into live tiles to provide a quick look at what's currently playing right from the home screen. Users can also pin individual radio stations to the home screen for easy access to specific stations.

Another Windows Phone exclusive feature is integration with Kid's Corner. Pandora will automatically filter explicit song content when its switched over to the kid friendly portion of the OS.

To give the Windows Phone app a leg up on the competition, Microsoft will be providing Pandora ad-free throughout the rest of the year. It's definitely a major advantage over the other versions, but it's hard to see how a free year of Pandora will convince people to switch to Windows Phone.

Those will already own a Windows Phone, however, are in for a treat. You can grab the new Pandora app here.