Palin SUV Sells on eBay For $10,300

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A lot of strange things get sold on eBay, so why not Sarah Palin's mayoral SUV? The vehicle sold for $10,300 which is about $8,000 more than its actual value. The woman who bought the vehicle is a Sarah Palin fan and didn't mind paying the extra money to own something that once belonged to the previous mayor of Wasilla.

While the buyer may be happy with her purchase, the city of Wasilla is not happy with the sale. Many of the residents of Wasilla are accusing the current mayor Verne Rupright of using Palin's celebrity status to bring in money. Rupright says that is exactly what he is doing and doesn't see a problem. He plans to use the money made from the sale to replenish the city’s vehicle replacement fund.

Other residents and officials of the city believe the money should be used for other things. Deputy Mayor Colleen Sullivan-Leonard suggested that the money be used to buy food for the food pantry, but her proposal did not win the votes of City Council.

Sullivan-Leonard doesn't believe that the mayor should have used Palin's reputation to profit from the sale of the vehicle, even if the money will be used for the city. She joked that the mayor might sell more of Palin's personal items that may have been left behind and wondered where it would stop.

Rupright apparently thought Sullivan-Leaonard's joke was a good idea and said he considered selling the very chair he was sitting in because it had also belonged to Palin.

Do you think it is right for the mayor to sell Palin's items for large profits?

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