Facebook Page Admins Must Now Consider Location When Posting

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A Facebook page admin's job is never done, as they say (I guess?), and admins will now have to consider another little tidbit of information when posting something to their Timeline. Now, along with what and when, admins will have the options to add "where" to the mix.

Facebook has unveiled location tagging for page admins. As Inside Facebook points out, there's no official announcement yet, so it's unclear if all page admins currently see this option or if it's rolling out slowly across the network.

As an admin for the WebProNews Facebook page, I am currently seeing the option to add a location to posts:

page admins now can add location to posts

Clicking on the location icon drops down a list of options as well as a map, similar to the process when users add locations to their posts.

Page admins can also go back and add a location to any photo they've previously uploaded (and add a location to any future photo they upload, of course):

So, now if a band wants to post a photo from a music festival, they can tag it with that location. If a business is posting an article from an expo, they can tag it with a location. And now, Facebook will have a trove of location data on pages as well as users.

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