Pacifica Shark Attacks Fisherman In Kayak

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A great white shark attacked a fisherman off the coast of California Tuesday afternoon. Micah Flanaburg was fishing in a kayak with his father-in-law at Pacifica State Beach near Linda Mar when the shark attacked his boat. According to Flanaburg's father-in-law, Ross Webber, the attack took place only about 200 yards from shore.

Flanaburg told San Francisco's KPIX that the shark came up from underneath and began shaking his boat back and forth violently. After shaking the boat for a few seconds, Flanaburg says the shark let go, circled his kayak, and left.

Though the attack lasted only a few seconds, Flanaburg said that it felt much longer, and that the scariest moment was when the shark was circling after the initial attack, "'cause it swam back around and I thought he was going to come back and take another bite, right where my legs were."

Flanaburg says that the shark was roughly three-quarters the length of his kayak, making it about twelve feet long. Fortunately the only damage was to Flanaburg's boat, which received several scratches from the shark's teeth and a missing strap.

Beach authorities are taking the attack seriously and have placed signs warning visitors of the recent attack. Nevertheless it is important to remember that shark attacks against humans are exceedingly rare. Only 80 people in the entire world were attacked by sharks in 2012, and only 7 of those attacks resulted in fatalities.

There is no word on whether Flanaburg intends to come back with a bigger boat.

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