Ozzy Osbourne Sacrilege as Justin Bieber Channels Prince of Darkness [Video]

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Ozzy Osbourne is probably rolling over in his coffin.

Spike's "Lip Sync Battle" brought together two more celebrities this week to duke it out. Deion Sanders threw down Madonna's "Like a Virgin," complete with vintage-looking wedding-style dress.

And Justin Bieber took on Ozzy Osbourne's classic "Crazy Train."

Bieber went all out to get the classic Ozzy look. This would be the Diary of a Madman-era Ozzy, not the Ultimate Sin blonde Ozzy. Bieber had Ozzy Osbourne's round shades, a long black trench coat, a cross chain, black fingernail polish, a long dark wig -- everything you need to do a passable Ozzy Osbourne impression.

In fact, Bieber kept up his end of the Ozzy better than the air guitarist behind him. It's understandable, though, with all the edits they have to throw in to the songs on "Lip Sync Battle" to keep the rounds short enough.

Bieber even threw in some Ozzy mannerisms, like the pancake-hand gestures. No hand clapping, though. That's a standard Ozzy move. Maybe next time.

In the end, Bieber went all out for a true Ozzy Osbourne piece de resistance. He picked up a prop bat and bit off the head, handing the remainder to a fan in the audience. Bieber turned to display what appeared to be blood all over his face.

But he blew the Ozzy illusion when he told host LL Cool J, "This is sticky. This is actually strawberry sauce all over my face."

"Don't spoil it, Justin!" LL replied.

"Uh, it's real blood!" Bieber backtracked.

The entire performance was respectable Ozzy, and made even funnier by putting a lightweight like Bieber in the role. The only unbelievable thing about the whole bit was that Bieber moved around a lot more than Ozzy ever did, and certainly not nowadays.

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