Ozzie Guillen would like to Manage the Chicago Cubs

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The former White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, is intent on staying in Chicago and said, during a recent interview, that he would definitely want the opportunity to be the new manager of the Chicago Cubs.

The President of the Chicago Cubs, Theo Epstein, has not yet contacted Guillen for the position, but Guillen knows he has what it takes to take the Cubs to the World Series, like he did with the White Sox in 2005.

Epstein says that the team is in search of "a proven leader". "We know what we're looking for and I think we're going to find it," said Epstein.

‘‘If they call, I will appreciate it; if they don’t, I keep waiting,’’ Guillen told the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘I want to go back to managing. We’ll see what happens.’

When asked why he would want to coach the Cubs, he had a very logical reason: he did not want to leave Chicago. ‘‘First of all, I live in Chicago,’’ Guillen said. ‘‘Second of all, I know what direction they’re going from watching their games and reading the papers. Winning on both sides of the city, not too many people would have that opportunity. To get it done on both sides of the city, wow, that would be special. Especially for me because I live there all year long and want to live in Chicago the rest of my life."

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