Ouya Launch Delayed By A Few Weeks To Meet "Greater Than Expected Demand"

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In February, Ouya announced that the little Android console that could would be launching on June 5. That date has been pushed back by just a little, but those interested in the new console will still be able to get their hands on one in June.

Joystiq reports that the Ouya console has been delayed to June 25 in North America. The extra few weeks will allow the Ouya team to manufacture more units after seeing "greater than expected" demand from retail partners.

"We've had incredibly positive reactions from our retail partners, and so in order to meet their greater than expected demand, we decided to shift the launch date by a couple of weeks – three weeks – which will allow us to create more units and, basically, have more units on store shelves in June," said Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman in a statement to Joystiq.

It's not being reported as a cause of the delay, but the Ouya controller apparently had a small problem where the buttons would get stuck under the faceplate. The company is aware of the problem, and is enlarging holes on the faceplate by a few millimeters to ensure that there are no stuck buttons come launch.

Even with the delay, the Ouya is still set to launch next month. As such, excitement for the console has grown and one influential gaming investor has decided to join the Ouya team. Former EA executive and investor guru Bing Gordon has joined the Ouya board of directors. He will advise the company on its development and retail plans.

"OUYA's open source platform creates a new world of opportunity for established and emerging independent game creators and gamers alike," said Gordon. "There are some types of games that can only be experienced on a TV, and OUYA is squarely focused on bringing back the living room gaming experience. OUYA will allow game developers to unleash their most creative ideas and satisfy gamers craving a new kind of experience."

Ouya will be available starting June 25 for the comparably low price of $99. It will be available through online retail and in-store at GameStop, Best Buy and Target.

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