Outsourcing The Development Of Your App? Google Has Some Advice For You.

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Google has a new Outsourcing Playbook available for companies who are outsourcing the development of an Android app.

The guide explores topics like pitfalls to avoid, things to do to make the app successful, and how to choose a software development agency. The intro explains:

It’s not always possible to develop an Android app in house; so you may look to an agency to help you create your app. This agency may call itself a systems integrator, mobile/design studio, consultant, dev shop, freelancer, app developer, or mobile specialist among other names.

We’ve seen a wide range in the quality of apps built with the help of an agency. Getting it right is not only about finding an agency that fits well with your organization and its goals, but also building the appropriate skills and culture in your own organization. This playbook will help you do that with its advice, questions to ask, and tips for selecting and working with an agency to build a high quality Android app.

The playbook is available for free right on Google Play. A PDF is also available here.

Image via Google