Outdoor Patio Furniture: Hot Summer Trends

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You can stop looking over your shoulder fearing the return of another winter blast. It looks like we're finally well into spring with summer on the way.


I’m sure some of you have practically forgotten what it even feels like to actually enjoy being outdoors for extended periods of time.

Now comes the time of year where you get to remind yourself.

If you’re looking for new outdoor patio furniture to spruce up your outdoor spaces, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for these warm weather trends:

Bright Colors For Small Spaces

In truth, many people will be wanting bright colors because they are so energizing.

And after months and months of being stuck indoors, buried under feet of snow, you’ll want all the energy you can get.

There’s another benefit to buying outdoor furniture in bright colors: They can really help you make smaller outdoor spaces bigger and lend loads them of personality.

Sky Blues And Earth Tones

Truly celebrate the outdoors that you’ve missed so much with baby and sky blues, bright vibrant greens, and mocha and espresso browns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors for a truly down to earth experience.

Outdoor Living Room?

This trend has been growing for some time: The “comfortable” outdoor living space. It’s about more than just a lawn chair and umbrella. The trend is about your outdoor living space being just as cozy as the living room.

Think plush pillows and couches, outdoor coffee tables, outdoor fireplaces, and even outdoor televisions!

If you have the space (and the budget) don’t be afraid to think of it as almost another room to your house.

Lighting For Nighttime Enjoyment

On warm summer nights, the last thing anyone really wants to do is go inside.

If you’re not far out in the country (where brightly starlit nights can even be enough to read by!) you’ll need help getting the most of the outdoors at night.

Consider beautiful outdoor lighting to help jazz up your outdoor space and give you an excuse to stay out well into the evening.

Got any other trendy tips for outdoor patio furniture shopping? Share below!

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