Oscar Swag Bags: What's In Them?

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The Oscars is this Sunday and hundreds of actors and actresses will attend the event hoping to win an Academy Award. While not everyone will win an award, the nominees will get something that is pretty valuable. Oscar swag bags are always worth a lot of money and this year they won't be disappointing. The swag bags are allegedly worth over $80,000, so what's in them?

While we might not ever know everything that was tucked into these awesome bags, a few of the best gifts have already been announced. As always, some of the best gifts that are included in the swag bags are the trips and vacations. These bags contain over $27,000 worth of travel gifts including a 9,000 trip to Vegas, a weeklong stay at a Hawaiian resort and a $15,000 walking tour of Japan.

Celebrities have to stay beautiful and they won't have any trouble doing so thanks to the many personal care items they will be getting for free in their swag bags. You won't find inexpensive lotions and perfumes in these bags, more like $16,000 hair transplant systems, a home spa system and a $5,000 gift certificate that can be used towards laser hair removal.

If you think the celebrities are the only ones that get swag bag items, think again. Celebrity pets also get some pretty awesome treats, including and pet supplements and sprays, and for the celebrities that don't have pets or want to help out pets in need, a $10,000 meal donation of Ellen DeGeneres’ natural pet food, Halo Spot’s Stew that can be donated to a pet shelter of their choice.

Companies want to get their products in the hands of celebrities because it is a great way to advertise. If a celebrity tries something in their swag bag and just happens to love it or be seen with it, more people are likely to try it as well. Every year the gifts get bigger and better and its hard to guess what they swag bags will contain next year.

Are you surprised at any of the freebies included in the Oscar swag bags?

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