Oscar Pistorius Undergoes Mental Health Tests

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Oscar Pistorius was ordered last week by Judge Thokozile Masipa to undergo a month-long series of mental health tests.

The 30 day evaluation, which begins today, may at last offer a look at just what's going on inside the mind of the man who shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp over a year ago.

Throughout the trial, Pistorius has been visibly disturbed by the process and evidence presented against him.

While some believe it to be a genuine display of anxiety and regret, the prosecution is not convinced. Lead prosecutor Gerrie Nel at one point accused Pistorius of fraudulent emotional behavior.

He was also accused of making an inappropriate remark in court by a friend of Steenkamp's.

With his defense desperate to turn around the negative perception of Pistorius and convince the judge of his innocence, his legal team worked overtime to use his possible mental state as proof of his innocence.

Pistorius has long claimed that fatally shooting his girlfriend Steenkamp on February 14th, 2013 was a terrible accident.

He's on trial for murder as the prosecution believes that Steenkamp was killed following a terrible argument with Pistorius.

Should Pistorius be found guilty, he will be sent to prison for decades.

A forensic psychiatrist testifying for the defense claimed that Pistorius suffered from an anxiety disorder.

Allegedly this led to his hyper paranoia, which could explain what led to his allegedly accidental shooting of Steenkamp. The condition would also explain his behaviors throughout the trial.

The testimony prompted Masipa to send Pistorius for a mental evaluation.

The evaluation is meant to determine whether or not the 27-year-old indeed possesses any mental health issues that could have influenced his criminal responsibility.

The defendant's car drove through a crowd of media cameras and reporters to get into Pretoria's Weskoppies Hospital.

An army of guards kept members of the press at bay.

At the end of the mental exam could be an outcome that hints at Pistorius's ultimate fate.

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